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Tipsy Wine Spritzers

The perfect malt-free canned spritzer didn't exist. Since we couldn't find them we decided to start making them. Real wine, real juice, really good times! SHAKE IT UP Real fruit juice settles. Shake gently before opening! POP THE CAN Just say no to skinny cans and pop the top on our full 12 oz. pours. ENJOY WITHOUT GUILT Real wine, real juice, really good times!

Onda Tequila Seltzer

What does Onda Mean?  A wave. Good vibes. Onda was born from our obsession with tequila soda and inspired by the surf style of the ‘90s. All natural ingredients. Real tequila. Real, legit juice. Onda is 4.5% ABV. 100 calories, and naturally gluten free.  Made from real Tequila. Onda is made with blanco tequila from a woman-owned distillery, Casa Maestri, located in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico.

Azul Garanza Vineyards

Las Bardenas Reales of Navarre is an extreme place: poor and arid clay and limestone soils, a dry climate with a wide thermic range between night and day. Due to these harsh conditions vines here produce a very limited crop but one of exceptional quality with highly-concentrated, very small grapes. We planted fruit trees and indigenous shrubs around the vines in order to support biodiversity in this semi-desert environment. A few kilometers from the desert the low mountains and the Pre-Pyrenees of Navarre begin. Here we found some fabulous old Garnacha vines, growing almost wildly amid forest and biodiversity. Most of these vines, which are spread out in various isolated and very small parcels, are more than 100 years old. That some had been abandoned is not a negative for us, just the opposite: They are our most precious treasures and thanks to the invaluable support of the local vine growers, we have been able to recover them.

Kraken Gold Spiced Rum

The Beast's Best Kept Secret.. Aged in the Kraken’s very own keep, The Beast has kept this golden treasure all to itself. Sinking any sailor foolish enough to try and plunder it’s bounty, this gold spiced rum has remained locked away for years…until now. Get your tentacles on a bottle while you can… All that glitters is Gold Spiced. The chance is now yours to taste this treasure for yourself. With notes of cinnamon and vanilla, this bounty goes down smooth…like a ship to the bottom of the ocean.

Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz

With over 327 years of distilling expertise, passed down for 11 generations, Carl Jr. and Bob Nolet, brothers and 11th generation distillers, live by their family motto “Quality before everything.” Crafted with care, each bottle is a delicious alternative to white wine for those seeking an easy drinking experience with a fresh taste and 40% fewer calories. Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spirtz is only 73 calories per can, has 0 carbs and crafted to remove gluten. There are NO artificial sweeteners, NO added sugars, NO artificial colors & made with Non-GMO grains Try these flavors,  A zesty, fresh squeezed grapefruit with a touch of rose.   A Taste of a  fresh juicy ripe peach with a subtle orange finish or a Crisp, sliced cucumber with a hint of refreshing mint. Stop by and try them. Great if you are watching your calories this Holiday season.

Black Sheep Tequila

Black Sheep Tequila provides a trusted and memorable luxury brand, for new and unsuspecting “Tequila” drinkers. At the same time, the connoisseur will appreciate the stand-alone style that is re-shaping the category. Black Sheep premium tequila has a unique old-world approach to its preparation; slow fermentation, special filtration of the juice of the properly selected, slow baked, and 100% aged Blue Weber highland agave. Black Sheep’s distinctive taste and aromatic profile are due to the handcrafted and organic process, which provides a new meaning to the premium category. Reshaping the pallet and perspective from party shots to an enjoyable affluent beverage of choice. This black sheep goes against the grain, providing education, better ingredients, and a superior product